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Maintaining intensity will be key for Telugu Titans: Coach Navin Kumar

Maintaining intensity will be key for Telugu Titans: Coach Navin Kumar....

Regardless of having a solid assaulting unit marshaled mostly by Rahul Chaudhary (482 strike focuses in 4 PKL seasons), Telugu Titans have been fairly conflicting in the Pro Kabaddi League. Subsequent to completing fifth in the principal season, they enhanced to third in the second, however again dropped back to fifth in the third season.

They enhanced again to complete fourth in Season 4. This time with essentially another team, the Titans are trained by 34-year-old Navin Kumar, who was an individual from 2006 Asian gold award winning Indian team. Despite the fact that it is his initially instructing task in PKL, previous pillager Kumar disclosed to TOI he has a team equipped for winning the title. Passages:

Disclose to us something about your team's arrangements in the keep running up to PKL 5?

The camp was held at Oro Sports Village, Gandipet, Hyderabad more than 45 days. It was led in three sections. We initially centered around physical wellness then in the second part we had rehearse sessions on individual and team blends. The third part was about diversion arranging.

Have you distinguished the players who should bear real duties?

 Yes, I have distinguished the greater part of the players' qualities and shortcomings. Kabaddi being a team activity, all players should bear level with duty in light of the circumstance of the diversion, and the accomplished players will get their sources of info. Is dealing with a 25-part squad going to be a test more than three-month long season? No, it's not a test to deal with a group of 25. It includes cooperation. All players hail from various foundations. They will take maybe a couple days to settle down and know each other. From that point, it will be smooth cruising. This time there will be numerous youths with practically no experience. How would you rate their quality?

They are for the most part great people who have put in a ton of push to achieve this stage. Youthful players admire seniors whom they have respected as their good examples. Likewise, for the youthful players it is a decent chance to get the hang of over the span of the class.

Which, as indicated by you, are the team that look most grounded and where does your side remain in the plan of things?

All team appear to be equivalent as far as dispersion of players, be that as it may, I feel U Mumba, Bengal Warriors, Haryana Steelers and Bengaluru Bulls are solid. We are doubtlessly one of the most grounded sides, and taking a gander at the team's training, we want to win the title.

With PKL 5 booked to keep running for just about 13 weeks, in what capacity will you have the capacity to keep up the power among players?

Amusement arranging and inspiration will be the way to keeping up the power levels.

Numerous players are more than 30. How would you intend to keep them damage free more than 13 weeks?

Keeping up an elevated expectation of wellness will hold the way to outstanding damage free in the long season ahead.

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